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3 Easy Steps to a New Kitchen or Bath in Denver, CO

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Step #1: Design Consultation
Usually takes just 90 minutes.
You’ll both want to be there, as we discuss all of your ideas and dreams.
We’ll explain our process, show you pictures of projects, and discuss price ranges.
Then you’ll set a comfortable budget, so that we can design your new project.

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Step #2: New Design Presentation
Usually takes just 90 minutes, and happens within days of the design consultation.
You’ll both want to be there, as we present your new design options.
You then use our mobile showroom to choose your favorite colors and materials.
Then we calculate your Guaranteed Price!

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Step #3: New Kitchen/Bath Installation
We’ll arrange a comfortable room for you at a nearby hotel.
Then we’ll install your new kitchen/bath. (Always on time and on budget!)
You come home on time, and inspect your new room.

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