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Denver, Colorado 3 Day Independent Living Bathrooms

walk in bathtubs

Assure Your Future Independence
Live in your Denver home more independently with a walk-in bathtub, easy-entry shower, or a Lifetime shower installed by your local Denver, Colorado 3 Day Kitchen & Bath dealer.

We can help you design a new bathroom remodel with all of the stylish features and comfort accessories that you desire without sacrificing quality or style. If your needs are more immediate, then don't hesitate to call us. We can remodel your entire bathroom, or simply create an easy-access tub or shower.

easy-entry showers

Stylish & Convenient Improvements
If you don't foresee major mobility problems, you can still prepare wisely for the future without sacrificing style or beauty.

An updated, taller vanity cabinet will provide more convenient storage space, and you won’t have to stoop down to brush your teeth.

Remove your old tub and install an easy-entry shower with a by-pass shower door. include grab bars in the shower.

lifetime showers

Caregiver's Dream
"Thanks for the great work you did last week. This bathroom has made a big difference in my life. My life is easier, and my mother's life is easier, too." - Roberta A.

The spacious shower is easily accessible, and has a hand-held shower wand and movable chair so that the caregiver can assist without getting all wet. Heat lamps make it more comfortable, and grab bars in the shower and towel racks provide convenient support. The comfort height toilet, with its sturdy handle bars, provides a sense of security.


A new warm-water bidet, with a self-drying function, can add dignity to your loved one’s daily life. And the convenient, wall-mounted control allows you to control everything from a distance.

Best of all, this bidet cleans itself after every use. If you are caring for a loved one, this wonderful fixture helps both of you maintain your dignity under difficult circumstances.

lifetime showers

Lifetime Shower System
Our Lifetime Shower System allows you to stylishly remodel your bathroom today, and still be prepared for an uncertain future.

This No-Barrier Shower has a temporary threshold that will support a shower door. At a later date, you can easily remove the door and threshold, and replace it with a heavy curtain for more convenient, barrier-free access.

Grab bars and a sturdily anchored padded seat assure stability. As you can see below, once the threshold is removed the entire shower is accessible without barriers.

An ordinary shower head, combined with a hand-held shower wand makes this a great shower for everyone.

lifetime showers
walk in bathtubs

Luxury Walk-In Tubs
If there is nothing you love more than a warm therapeutic bath, then why deny yourself? Our walk-in tubs allow you to enjoy the benefits of water or air massage without lifting yourself in and out of a tub.

These tubs can be installed in the same space your old bathtub now occupies. We can install the tub alone, or remodel the entire room if you desire.

Just step inside and close the door behind you!

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